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Our Philosophy

The love filled heart and the bright smile makes the little ones call her “Aunty” with so much passion, it’s none other than the Founder Of ‘Kalalayaa ’ – Mrs. Dhipikca rajasekaran an educationist and an Eminent women entrepreneur with an ambition of winning young hearts and motivating children and women to explore their hidden talents.With a philosophy of not becoming a millionaire but living in millions of loving hearts .Mrs.Dhipikca originates her ideologies from the way in which her grandparents, parents and uncle moulded her.

Mrs.Dhipicka strongly believes that the nightmare of schooling built within a child can only be eradicated with the strong support of the family and a realistic education system which is followed at Kalalaya… Also being a nutritionist a special nutritious balanced diet is designed by Mrs.Dhipikca for the well being and growth of her nursery kids.Kalalaya shows a tremendous growth with 25+ teaching staff and 150+ students from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th standard. It is looking forward to open up its very own school in near future.

Playing with toys matches developmental stages that work well for kids at each age.
Book materials are deisgned in a way to meet high standard of education.
Our curriculum is designed to allow children to explore all with their boundless energy..
Child Care
Children are taken special care and providing enough study materials..
Transportation services are available for localities around 3-6 Kms with proper escorts.
All the events are celebrated with kids and their parents.

What Parents Think

Kalalayaa's Family

Our caring and committed Staff

Committed to nurturing your child today for a better future tomorrow with a stimulating learning environment.Fun based learning methodology for children to explore naturally and excel in academics through intellectual enquiry.Enhances concentration and streamlines thought process.Children are taken care and taught individually by the trainers in the ratio of 15:1.Kids learn through smart learning techniques.