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  1. Five Passport Size Photographs to be affixed
  2. Fees are payable for twelve calender months in a year on monthly basis, by 7th of the relevant month. A late Fee of Rs.25/- Per day will be charged if fees is not paid on the due date.
  3. One Calender month notice must be given before a child can be withdrawn. If the child is withdraw without notice, one month fees will be charged in lieu of the notice period. This is applicable to all students.
  4. A child can be removed on ground of (i) Continued absence without information (ii) Non payment of Fees

Undertaking of Parents

I have undertaken to fulfill the following conditions:-

  1. I will ensure that my child is regular in attending school.
  2. I shall see that my child is punctual in coming to school.
  3. In case of illness. I shall ensure that my child is not sent to school.
  4. I shall ensure that all the school dues pertaining to my child are paid in time.
  5. I shall ensure that my child appears for all school activities regularly.